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Since 1928, doctors of functional and alternative medicines have been using coffee enemas as part of natural treatment protocols for fighting cancer, parasites, constipation, liver dysfunction and other digestive disorders. In 1996, the National Institutes of Health in America sponsored more than 100 million dollars to support a number of medical doctors to do research on coffee enema.

Longevity of life depends on how well a clean stomach and intestinal phases are maintained. Read more

Dr Hiromi Shinya
M.D., Founder of colonoscopy surgery Medical team leader of the late former U.S. President Ronald Reagan Served as attending physician for former Japanese Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone

I lost several patients by Coma Hepaticum since I did not know, and therefore neglected, the vital importance of frequent and regularly continued elimination of poisonous substances with the help of juices, enemas, etc. Read more

Dr Max Gerson
M. D.

"The coffee enema is very stimulating to the liver and is the greatest aid in elimination of the liver’s toxic wastes." Read more

Dr William Donald Kelley
D.D.S., M.S. | A brilliant cancer researcher, wrote in his ‘One Answer to Cancer’ book

“Coffee enemas are extremely powerful, one of the most powerful detox procedures that we urse.” Read more

Dr Nicholas Gonzales
M.D. | New York City cancer doctor and researcher

“In over three decades of practice, I have not seen important negative effects of coffee enemas at all.” Read more

Dr Lawrence Wilson
M. D.

"Eventually that joke wore thin, when I discovered that coffee enemas were a serious part of alternative medicine (CAM)." Read more

Dr Ralph Moss
Ph.D. An author of over half a dozen books on cancer

“Coffee enema is the quickest way to eliminate toxins from liver.” Read more

Jessica Ainscough
The Wellness Warrior

Here's to a new lease on life!

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