How It Works

1The coffee solution flows into your lower bowel (rectum, sigmoid colon and descending colon) through the anus, and is retained in the lower bowel:

2Caffeine in coffee stimulates visceral nervous system, promoting peristalsis, thus recovering the function of small and large intestines

3Caffeine in coffee causes lower bowel veins to dilate, thus easier and quicker absorption of coffee’s active ingredients and natural herbs

4Coffee’s active ingredients and natural herbs directly reach the liver and gallbladder via hepatic portal vein system*
* Medication administered to children rectally to treat high fever travels through the same hepatic portal vein system as well

5Caffeine causes the smooth muscles of the internal organs to relax, hence the coffee enema user is less emotional or stressed (calming effect)

6 Once palmitic acid and chlorogenic acid reach the liver, they increase the activity and production of liver’s Glutathione-S-Transferase (GST) enzyme by 600% to 700%, therefore elevating the liver’s detoxification function up to 6-7 times. This has been clinically proven.

The production of liver’s GST enzyme:
- is vital for detoxification (dialysis process)
- has excellent physiological effects
- works as a ‘Free Radical Quencher’ (neutralises free radicals from the bloodstream, rejuvenating the body)
- blocks and detoxifies carcinogens

7All the blood in the body circulates through the liver approximately every 3 minutes

8The 10-15 minutes of coffee enema therapy is a form of dialysis treatment, intensively cleansing the bloodstream 3-5 times when the blood passes through the “caffeinated” liver

9Caffeine stimulates bile canaliculi to dilate (open up) and release bile into ‘biliary tree’. Caffeine causes bile ducts to dilate thus elevating bile flow to break down fats and carry away toxins in the body. Liver and gallbladder discharge bile to duodenum, binding toxins to the bile, and then bind them to the glutathione, and are expelled through small and large intestines

10Coffee solution flushes out toxic bile* and wastes in colon, preventing the re-absorption and recycling of toxic bile, unlike any other detoxification methods * toxic bile – contains bile, bile salts, free radicals and metabolic wastes such as ammonia-like products, toxic bound nitrogen, protein derivatives, polyamines, amino acids, coagulated clumps and complexes

Coffee enema is an essential routine in our lives as a detoxification and cleansing therapy. It beats the other types of detoxification methods because:

It has been clinically proven to increase the liver's detoxifying enzyme (GST), elevating the liver’s detoxification function up to 6-7 times

It intensively cleanses the bloodstream, similar to a dialysis treatment

It enhances gallbladder function and bile flow

It gets rid of toxins and prevents re-absorption and recycling of most toxic bile from re-poisoning our bodies

It clears the wastes in lower bowel

It promotes peristalsis of small & large intestines, restoring the health and functions of intestines

It lessens the burden of kidneys

In summary, Shians Organic Coffee Enema benefits your body in 7 different ways in only 10-15 minutes, and directly helps 4 out of 5 of your detoxification organs.

Therefore, this proves that coffee as an enema is a more effective and efficient detoxification and cleansing method.

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