Your Detoxification Organs

Our bodies expel toxins through five of our vital organs: liver, colons, kidneys, skin and lungs. The liver works the hardest to get rid of bad toxins, which is why almost everyone has a toxic liver – no thanks to our lifestyle, eating habits, and the toxins we are exposed to daily.

Excessive toxins (including free radicals) in our bodies can cause cancer of vital organs, including liver and colons.

AThe colons extract water, salt, electrolytes, and some fat soluble vitamins (such as vitamin K and B12) from wastes before they are eliminated from the body.

BThe colons are where flora-aided (large bacterial) fermentation of unabsorbed material occurs.

CThe descending colon mainly stores faeces that will be emptied to the rectum (a lot of bad bacteria here).


We do not detoxify our bodies regularly, the long-term or years of accumulated toxins in our bodies can greatly lower the body’s absorption of nutrients. This could cause chronic poisoning, which may not display any symptoms.

By the time symptoms have manifested, the late detection or diagnosis after symptoms have manifested usually results in progressed damaged or incurable conditions.

Signs of Poor or Lack of Detoxification

Constipation / Low Bowel Movement Frequency / Laxative-Dependent

Cardiovascular Disease


Liver Dysfunction

Cancer (especially colorectal cancer and liver cancer)

Long-Term Dependency on Pharmaceutical Drugs

Obesity / High Body Fats (especially fats in belly and waist)

Bad Breath / Body Odour

Sticky Stools / Silt Stools

Acnes / Pigmentation / Skin Diseases / Eczema / Dull Complexion & Skin

High Blood Sugar Level / High Blood Pressure

Headache / Migraine / Fever / Flu / Cold

Poor Concentration

Weak Kidneys / Renal Failure

Joint Pain

Indigestion due to poor choice of foods (e.g. deep fried, pickled, charred)


Daily detoxifition via coffee enema to prevent toxins from poisoning our bodies

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