How To Use

What You Need

- Clean Water (e.g. filtered water / mineral water / distilled water / alkaline water / RO water) | NEVER USE TAP WATER
- Steriliser (e.g. Dettol / garbage enzyme / apple cider vinegar / shower gel / hand soap)



Sterilise the enema bag and the tube with steriliser and clean water. Do remember to rinse off the steriliser thoroughly with ample clean water to ensure no steriliser residue remains.


Best used in a bathroom with a toilet bowl. Hang the enema bag


Close the cap at the tube end, close the tube valve, then pour agent-recommended volume of clean room temperature water into the enema bag.


Make half a cup (150ml) of hot coffee with 1 sachet of the enema coffee then pour it into the enema bag.


Adjust the final temperature of the coffee solution (by adding hot or room temperature clean water) to about 40°C. Its temperature shall not be lower than the human body temperature (37°C), but not too hot as well.


Cap to remain closed, open the tube valve to allow the excessive coffee solution to flow through the tube. Close the tube valve when the intended volume has been reached.


In the bathroom, lie down on your back (on a towel if necessary), with legs bent if the space is small.


Remove tube cap, then apply a small amount of lubricant on the tube end (3 inches in length). Gently insert the tip 2-3 inches deep into your anus. Insertion shall not exceed 6 inches.


Relax, then open the tube valve to allow the coffee solution to slowly flow into your colon.


Once the enema bag is empty, close the tube valve, then gently remove the tube from your anus.


Lie down on your right side for 3-5 minutes, then on your back for 3-5 minutes, and then on your left side for 3-5 minutes. In any of these positions, feel free to empty your bowels slightly before resuming the coffee enema process


When the time is up, empty your bowels and massage your abdomen in a right-up-left-down direction to ease bowel movement. You may expel wastes 2-5 times to discharge the entire coffee solution from your colon.


Cleanse the enema bag and tube with steriliser and clean water. Then, hang the enema bag up to dry.

Additional Notes & Precautions

Empty Bowels

You must empty your bowels prior to the administration of coffee enema.

Before/After Meals

Doing the coffee enema with an empty stomach is recommended. After a meal, it is better to wait one to two hours before administering the coffee enema.

Usage Frequency (Always on an empty stomach)

Healthy Adults: Once a day (any time at your convenience) Adults with Common Sicknesses: Twice a day, morning and night
Cancer Patients: (MUST be done between 5am-7am and/or 11pm-1am)
Stage 1 or 2 – Once a day
Stage 3 or 4 – At least twice a day

Type of Coffee

Do not use regular coffee beans or coffee beverage that are meant to be taken orally for enema purposes. Use organic coffee which is non- or lightly roasted, specially made for enema. Coffee beans should be lightly roasted because if the coffee beans are overroasted, their precious therapeutic compounds will be destroyed.

Recommended Volume

Average 1,000 – 1,200ml of coffee solution for Asians. Please consult your agent on this.

Diet Plan

No specific diet plan but you are encouraged to consume more water, yoghurt, fresh fruits or blended fruit juices, and probiotics to help replenish electrolytes and good bacteria for your colons.

30-Day Anti-Fungal Enema Bag & Tube

The anti-fungal coating of the enema bag and tube is the most effective in the first 30 days of usage. Please discontinue using the enema bag and tube 30 days after opening.

People Who Should NOT Administer Coffee Enema

Pregnant women, children below the age of 10, and people who have bleeding haemorrhoids*, colorectal hole (hole in colon), and recovering surgical wound are not encouraged to do coffee enema. * When haemorrhoids are NOT bleeding, administer coffee enema for better and faster recovery. The haemorrhoids will shrink and eventually disappear.


You are highly advised to read and follow all steps, notes and precautions carefully. Kindly practice good hygiene habits at all times to ensure safe and optimal usage of the product. We will not be held responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for your failure to do the above.

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